Yip! It’s Me!! Hello again…….

For those who haven’t been following our shenanigans on Facebook and Mailchimp, here is a brief summary while i have been away from the blogging world!!

Family Stuff:  My 7 year old is now off Gluten.  After 10 months of cyclical illness’s, 4 trips to A&E, 2 hospital stays, massive weight loss, leukemia scare etc. it turns out that it was Gluten that was the problem all along.  He is now off it 5 months and is flying.  Can’t believe one of the most worrying periods in my life so far has been summarised in two sentences.

The last I will say on it, is that for all parents out there who have sick children, sending you lots of HUGS xx (and a lighted candle xx)

Life Stuff:  We have moved beside our farm yard, into a lovely cottage that once belonged to a wonderful man (my husband’s uncle Frank).  Settling in has it’s moments lol!  (much smaller cottage….6′ 2″, giant of a husband (gentle giant I might add xx))

Work Stuff:  I now have my bricks and mortar shop 🙂 as well as a craft studio :-).  I will do another post on that at a later date as i want to share with you some of the lovely things we have been making for the upcoming Craft Shows.

Yes, a new adventure for us.  We are taking our shop to the NEC, stand G49, (I have to admit i am a little nervous, nerves are good though, right??)


Straight after, we are in Dublin for the annual Knitting and Stitching show, Stand F48


Pop over and say hello if you are at either event.  We will be giving away some tickets so make sure to keep an eye out .

Ok, down to crafting makes, there is a video link at the top of this post that shows you one of them… a cute little Fairy door I made for my gorgeous niece.  We will have kits for this at the show in conjunction with another Irish Company, Crafty Cutting.


This is another fabulously easy project Kit that will be available at the show, you don’t even need a sewing machine, it can de sewn by hand 🙂


I also made a fun bag for Halloween, “Every respectable Witch needs an Evening Bag, lol!”

Witch's evening bag 2105

Ok, that’s all for now, have a fab weekend and thanks for visiting!

Kate xx