Sneak Peak for our CHA Party :-)

I am again sitting at my Kitchen table, 5 year old in school, hubbie on the phone, Jasper asleep under my chair, house tidy and cup of tea in hand……What a change!!

It’s not that long ago when my 5 year old would be hopping around the house after being up half the night, the house would be chaos, my hubbie would be in the middle of a lupus flare up and I would be well, the less said about that the better!! Lol!

It’s amazing what a different doctor, second opinion, a change of diet and some sleep will do!!!  Not to mention school lol!

I have two sneak peaks to share with you today.  The fabulous Mandy (Pink Goose Craft House) is going to demo this gorgeous little mini…not to be missed!


The second pic I have is from a Make and Take happening on Sunday…My wonderfully talented Mum, Kay Hardiman (who I got my creativity from) created this fab card for you to make, just in time for Christmas 🙂


This is only one of the makes and takes…I will have some more sneaky/peaky’s next week.  remember all tickets booked before the 3rd october will get a free gift 😉

tickets and classes can be booked here

happy crafting

Kate x


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