Guest Blogger..Lyric Mini Album by Lou FuFu

I got the Prima Lyric Collection off Kate the last time I saw her and knew immediately it was screaming to be made into an album. I went out on a limb because first it was an A4 pad which I wasn’t used to and it was very floral! Having a boy I tend to stay away from floral patterns but I needed to release the inner girly floral for this album!

 Using a design for a mini album from Angelwings on Youtube, which seemed easy enough and wasn’t 20 parts long like my last album I flew through the basic design. I have to say I really did enjoy making this because I premade the album first and then the next day cut the paper to size and inked it, that’s where I usually start to loose patience but which the gorgeous paper it made it easy to match up.
Here’s a video of the album before I stuck the photos in. Prima Lyric Mini Album   Excuse the shakey hands but couldn’t find a stand low enough to catch the detail of the pages and the music was added because I had a two year old under my chair giggling his heart out with the dog so I had to cover it up! When adding the photo’s I actually found that by adding a hinge on the photos I could add double the amount so they folded out on flaps over each other.
 All this is for a craft basket for my sisters birthday who shamed me in giving me the most awesome hand crafted items in a basket for my birthday, I’ve posted all the items I made for her on my blog but the final dash is on to see what else I can shove into it before her birthday comes up!
Thanks for looking and I hope it inspires you to make something today,
Lou x

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