1st Undercover Video at CHA 2012

IN my last post I hinted that I had some exciting happenings this week.  It just so happens that I am in Chicago on holidays with my hubbie and son and guess what .. CHA Summer is on.  Ok, so it was planned; not sure how sad it is to admit that I planned our summer vacation around the CHA lol!

As you know we arrived Stateside two weeks ago when I proceeded to get very sick.  Well the good news is that I recovered enough to attend the show Yahoo!!  We are staying with family in Chicago so we are only a 10 min car journey from the Convention Centre which is great.

Monday last was the first day I went, and I attended three workshops, one with Tim Holtz, the second with Claudine Hellmuth and the last one with Dyan Reaveley (who you will know I have been a fan of for years, having first done a workshop with her in 2006).  All were equally fantastic and equally different…more about them later in the week (including pics and videos).

The show floor opened yesterday and I spent the afternoon browsing the different booths.  As a crafter, I know how hard it is becoming to separate the commercial aspect of the crafting industry from the creative side but once you walk the floor of an event like this it really reinforces the creative aspect for me.

There are so many talented people and they are all just like you and me.  They have a day job and family stuff but like to create something with their hands in their spare time .  They (that’s you and me) are the ones that are the driving force behind the industry.  ‘We’ (you and me) are the part time crafters that are the future designers who entrust their designs to the manufacturers who employ sales teams to sell to retailers who sell to crafters, who create the beauty!

What i have decided to do is to do a couple of videos and posts to show you the beauty that I see at the show.  It will give you a flavor of the creative atmosphere that is there (not saying that the commercial aspect isn’t there, cos it is… but it’s not a mojo killer..if you get what I mean…remember it’s the crafters (that’s you and me) who create the beauty lol!

The first one I decided to share is the Graphic 45 booth, which was fab last year and didn’t disappoint this year.  they added a bit of fun to it by having a dress up photo booth.  Hope you enjoy, happy crafting and chat again soon,

Kate x


3 thoughts on “1st Undercover Video at CHA 2012

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I would have loved to be at the summer show, but seeing at home is much better. I don’t have to walk so much. Great information! Can’t wait to see more. TFS

    1. Hi Alice, I am so glad that you enjoyed the video (only 9 more to go lol!). It was a great show, but you are right, you need your good stout walking shoes! Hopefully the videos that I have made will show the fabulous creative atmosphere that was there. Thanks for leaving a comment it lets me know that what I am doing is a good thing!! Kate x

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