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Sorry everyone, I was caught on the hop!!  I have been busy working on the CreatewithKate shopping website and I thought that I had a few more days till the latest issue of Crafting Ireland was out, oops!  Apologies for the delay.

For those who haven’t already, check out my “creating your own patterned paper” technique in issue 7 here as this will lead you nicely into the following extra tips!

As I mentioned in the article, I use the above technique often to create cards for adding a sentiment as and when I need it.  You can vary this technique to jazz up some paper that you have in your stash.  I think I can safely say that everyone has a couple of sheets of paper that they are not 100% sure about; you might not like the design or you might be tired of looking at it, whatever the reason; you just don’t know how to use it and you don’t want to throw it, so here’s what you do!

You pick a solid colour paper that does not clash completely with your patterned paper that you want to use up. You take your favorite stamps and inks and play away to your hearts content creating a fab patterend paper as described in the article here (pg 29).  You then create alternate layers on your card blanks using the not so nice paper and the fab paper you created with your favourite stamps. Finishing off with a premade topper or make your own.

Here I used a plain yellow 12×12 paper and stamped with some of my favorite stamps using a kaleidescope ink pad (fruitcake).  I then layered with my “sick of looking at it” paper and topped it with a homemade topper  (I cut the butterfly from the patterned paper and used it) and some gems.








HANDY CRAFTING TIP:  When I make a couple of cards like this for later, I stash them together with the bits and pieces that are left over so i have them at hand when i need to add the sentiment.

Happy Crafting xxKate.


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