Another ‘Pretty in Pink Card’

Hi again from the West of Ireland, South County Mayo to be exact:  It’s a beautiful morning here, I am sitting at my kitchen table with the sun shining in; and yes for those doubting thomas’s, the sun does shine in Ireland – I might even do a weather report everyday to prove it LOL!!

On another note my little boy started Naoinra (gaelic name for playschool, pronounced neen-a-ra / neen-ra) yesterday and ran the whole way in.  I think I was the only mother who was left behind, feeling very unloved and unneeded, Boo Hoo! But it was great to see him so happy and content playing with his friends.  He had a big ‘slán’ (pronounced slawn; gaelic for goodbye) and off he went – a scrapbook pag. e in the making!!

I have another pretty in pink card (last of my trio) to show today and I am also going to enter it into the challenges below.

Thanks for dropping by and have a sunny Day
Cathy x


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