I love Butterflies!

I am coming to the end of my thursday, the first day of Sept (can you believe it’s September already!!  I am winding down and am just going to post some pics of some cards I made while crafting into the early wee hours of the morning this morning.  Got together with my crafting buddy Anne last night and started off with a specific plan in mind and ended up doing something completely different which is not unusual for me, I tend to jump from one different project to another depending on where my creativity brings me (which is probably why I have a few unfinished items on my shelves – ready to be picked up for the next creative step).  Anyway, i started out with a scrapbook album and ended up making some cards (pics below – also entered into this week’s paperplay challenge http://paperplaychallenges.blogspot.com/ and the challenge at http://incywincydesigns.blogspot.com/) using some stash I had in my tote bag and I also did some sketches for a project that I have in mind.

Thanks for dropping in and saying hello.
Happy Crafting, Cathy


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